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Web Design & Development : Time is money?

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Should I Download Slider Revolution Template or should I spend hours creating it?

First of all, should I use a WordPress Theme or should I develop one? This are the kind of questions that each web designer & developer has. And why is that? It’s easy, because in this field of work, Time is Money indeed. A simple math equation is like that: how much do I charge per hour? Even if it’s a fixed budget project, there should be an hourly budged established. For instance, you accept a fixed budget project of $1000. How many hours would it take to finish that project. Ten hours, hundred hours ? Furthermore, let’s say it would take around 50 hours. Just with simple math you divide the $1000 dollars to 5o hours and you suddenly notice that you are paid with $20/hour. Well, that isn’t right, you should get at least $50 per hours for your work.

I worked as a web designer & developer for over 7 years now, and recently over a year ago I funded SlidersMarket investing over $45.000 in it. Perhaps you are wondering why, and why that much money, but the answer is really simple. You don’t make money if you don’t invest money! We paid our partners to work with us through this project that took over 8 months of brainstorming and hard work.


How much do you really make?

So, I as a web developer & designer always had this problem, how much do I really get per hour, and would be smart to buy some templates, WordPress resources and goodies just to customize them, use them, and avoid spending maybe extra 10 hours of work. And the answer is YES, it’s smart doing that. Back to my example! Working 50 hours for a fixed budget project of $1000 dollars you get approx. with $20/per hour. What if you can make $40 per hours for the same project? That means less hours spent working on it. With the remaining hours, you can just work at another project. So, that means time spent wisely making more money out of it. How to do that? It’s easy.

Time is money

For instance, talking about our business, you have to do 3 templates for Slider Revolution for your client. You have purchased a WordPress theme, but that isn’t enough, you client wants other Slider Revolution Templates. Creating those templates can cost you hours of labor. You can spend at least 2 hours or even more, depending on the templates and on your capability to work with Revolution Slider Plugin.


Well, instead losing all that time that could actually mean $100, we offer you this solution.

Buy from us the template you need with just $1.99 to $4.99, add the free customization to cart, we will get back to you in the next 8 hours to discuss about it, and within 24 hours you have your templates customized just for you, with your desired text, images and everything that it has and needs. Easy right? Instead spending hours of work, and since time is money, at least $70 – $100 USD of labor, with just $4.99 you get what you need.

That means form the 50 hours of work, you saved let’s say 5 hours, and with that 5 hours saved, you can do something else, work on other aspects of the website, and that means actually 10 hours saved for you, and now if you divide the $1000 USD to 40 hours your hourly rate just increased with¬† $5.00, and now you are getting $25 per hour. Working like this, a project of 50 hours and $1000 dollars and $20 per hour can easily become a project of 20 hours and $50.00 per hour. Isn’t that smart? I say it is, and it worked for me for all this years.


SlidersMarket: The Solution

fixed budget projectSo many times I needed to Download a Slider Revolution Template and just to Customize it within your WordPress Theme, and I searched something that I needed from a specific field of work, and I was searching disparately to buy one, but I din’t find anything. There was no marketplace for Slider Revolution. I had no other way than to spend hours and creating it and there is where my idea came. And that ideea was called SlidersMarket on

Now is every easy, you need a slider you just go to search the template you need, purchase it with $1.99 to $4.99, if you want us to customize it for you that is for FREE, so FREE CUSTOMIZATION, all you have to do is to go to Customization and add to cart the free customization package, and we’ll do the rest. Extremely easy and fast, and no more wasting time for you. Why is that? Because as a Web Designer & Developer TIME IS MONEY and Slider Revolution does exactly that, helps you to convert your TIME into YOUR MONEY.

You purchase the template, and we do the customization


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