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Smart Slider 3 vs Revolution Slider

Smart Slider 3

With regards to sliders for WordPress, there are two premium modules that stand tall over the rest: Revolution Slider and Smart Slider 3.

Both are highlight rich plugins that empower you to make excellent and responsive sliders. Complete with noteworthy movements, layers, catches and dynamic substance. Be that as it may, looking at these two modules is a test. Except if you need to invest energy setting every one of them up and making sliders. There aren’t any surveys that think about these modules against one another. Up to this point.

I’m going to put these modules under serious scrutiny. Looking at them one next to the other for their highlights, estimating and execution. I’ll likewise walk you through a correlation venture where I’ll make a similar slider utilizing both modules so you can perceive how they work – and which one is smarter to utilize.

At this point you’re likely reasoning, “Great, obviously she’s going to state Smart Slider 3 is the best since this is the Smart Slider 3 blog!” Oh definitely, I could thoroughly compose a one-sided and exhausting deals post with a major “Purchase Smart Slider 3!” catch at the base of the page. However, that is not my style. I like certainties and not phony news. So this audit is a legit to God record of my encounters with both modules and what I really think about them. Here we go.


Smart Slider 3 Features vs Slider Revolution Features

Slider Revolution and Smart Slider 3 push the boundaries (and even blur the lines, in Smart Slider 3’s case) in terms of what a slider can and should be able to achieve in web design. Both enable designers and developers to create stunning hero headers, testimonials sections and more.

As far as features go, these plugins share many similarities but also have their own unique selling points. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of their features:

smart slider



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