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Photoshop CC 2019 : New features

Photoshop CC 2019 : New features

Seems like, Adobe announced the new features and updates to Photoshop CC 2019 (v.20). Even more is including new enhancements as Frame Tool, New color Picker, Content-Aware Fill Workspace. Last, but not the less important there is certainly a new Color Symmetry options. Let’s have a super fast look at the Adobe Photoshop latest version has to offer. Also learn how to use this stuff in the real world scenario.

Photoshop CC 2019 Content-Aware Fill 

Seems like Photoshop features has been updated to include new controls, and ways on how to use the content-aware in user-friendly manner. Photoshop CC’s Content-Aware Fill highlight has been refreshed to incorporate new controls for choosing source data and also adjusting substance dependent on turn, scale, and reflecting with the end goal to make a superior match when filling in zones of a photo.


Photoshop CC 2019 Radial and Mandala Paint symmetry

The Radial and Mandala Paint symmetry have been completely coordinated into the symmetry choices for painting in Photoshop CC. Watch the video beneath to perceive that it is so natural to mirror and rehash paint strokes around your coveted pivot and access the new Color Wheel in Photoshop CC.

adobe photoshop


Photoshop 2019 Frame tool

The new Frame tool empowers fast “cutting” of substance to a shape. In the video beneath, perceive how to put pictures, simplified shape the OS or different applications. For example Lightroom or, utilize the Libraries board to rapidly include a photograph inside a square shape, circle, or any shape changed over to a casing.

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10 extra enhancements made to make Photoshop CC simpler to utilize:

Undo direction

In order to give consistency between Adobe applications the Undo direction has been refreshed. As an example, Illustrator and InDesign.

  • Command + Z now continues to step back in time
  • Cmd + Shift + Z move forward in time
  • Command + Option + Z toggles the last state off/on (after the most recent command)


Dragging any anchor point  while in Transform will change relatively as a matter of course. To twist the change, include the Shift key.



At the point when in Transform, the reference point is covered up of course to avert inadvertent re-positioning. Rapidly appear/shroud the reference point utilizing the Options bar or utilize Edit > Preferences > Tools > Show reference moment that utilizing Transform.


Type, Crop, Transform, and Content-Aware Scale

It’s simpler than at any other time to resolve to (apply changes). Made by Tools that have modular states (counting Type, Crop, Transform, and Content-Aware Scale). Finally select another instrument or layer. Furthermore click outside the canvas or snap inside the canvas, yet far from the bouncing box.


Type layers

To alter Type layers all the more rapidly, simply double tap on the content with the Move instrument. In this way you will naturally choose the Type tool and the content on the layer.


Fill New Type Layers With Placeholder Text

Clicking with the Type instrument in the picture zone consequently shows placeholder content. First of all, this is made to review textual style, measure, shading and so forth. To cripple, pick Preferences > Type > Fill New Type Layers With Placeholder Text.

Guides Grid and Slices

To help make on-canvas controls simpler to see, select Preference > Guides Grid and Slices. Utilize the Path alternatives to change shading , width, shapes and the Control choice to change the shade of on-canvas controls. For example, Transform and Warp directions, Blur Gallery and Liquefy channels and Gradient and Eyedropper instruments.


UI Font

To change the text dimension for the interface, pick Preference > Interface > UI Font estimate and empower Scale UI To Font.


The Crop too

The Crop tool presently shows the handles outside of the trimmed zone, never again clouding the edges of the report.



For extra authority over your workspaces, pick Panel > Workspace > Lock workspace. You can in any case include extra boards, however bolting them keeps you from accidentally moving them.


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