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Flatsome theme

Flatsome Theme is one of our favorite WordPress themes of all time. Our developers love flatsome and the ux builder. I love the theme, and of course I created lots of website with it. Flatsome Wp Theme and UX Builder from Themeforest is in our top 10 wordpress themes. Always updated, Flatsome is the one of the best WooCommerce Themes.

Perhaps some of you are asking yourself what has Flatsome to do with Slider Revolution? It has actually a lot to do, because it works very well with Slider Revolution too. So, Flatsome works with Slider Revolution. I know many are thinking that, not, but it actually does. All you have to do is to paste the shortcode wherever you want.

First of all, Flatsome is compatible with WordPress 4.9/5.0+ and WooCommerce 3.5+. This is extremely important to know, so flatsome is perfectly compatible.


Why a Flatsome Review?

Easy question, because is one of our favourite themes. We don’t have anything to win from this, no advantages. All we have is a referal link here: BUY FLATSOME THEME so, if you like to use that to purchase the theme from Themeforest, thank you very much. But this reviews is mainly done just to say: Hey UX-Themes…..Thank you! And that’s all.


Is Flatsome theme fast?

Flatsome is super fast. Actually this is in top 10 fastest themes, Flatsome theme is number 1. Extremely fast, loads fast, and very well build. Even more, since the last updated to Flatsome 3.8 they made id even faster. So faster loading time and better stability.


UX Builder is better than WP Bakery?

wp bakeryTough question. From some points of view is better, from another points of view, is not better. But is indeed faster and easier to handle. Even more with the last updated has indeed lots of advantages. But saying that is better or not, are very two different content builders. Depends on the preferences a lot. Yes indeed, flatsome has templates and lots of them. From this point of view is much more better than WP Bakery. But in the same time, WP Bakery has lots of other advantages like the full editing of columns and rows. Flatsome theme has that too, but sometimes you use this theme with the ux builder, and you say is perfect. While working you get stuck in some things and you think that it has been better just to use WP Bakery. And again, same issue backwards, working with WP Backery, and on some points you would say…”With flatsome theme and the ux builder I would have done this in less than 2 minutes”. So, there will be always a battle, but if you learn flatsome theme and the ux builder, will definitely make the things easier for you in the future.

ux builder



Flatsome Demo Import

Yes, has that too. Importing the demo is really easy, feel free to check their demos here. Very easy to install, it’s basically one click away. But, something very interesting is that you don’t actually need demos with this theme.¬† UX builder is so easy, that you can do anything with it, at any given time.


Flatsome CSS

There is a major problem! I am so used with Flatsome theme that I can recognize it anytime, anywhere. This WordPress theme has it’s own specific features and elements that makes it very recognizable. I advice you to get rid of that fast. And that you can do with CSS. Basically it changes the entire layout, or face of flatsome theme. You don’t want a user to say: “Hey…I know this theme”. You want to sell, you want to advertise, you want to engage people, not to promote a theme.


As a final word, just try it. Try flatsome theme. Use it with slider revolution, they work great togather. Use the ux builder, you have nothing to lose on that. Try the ux builder templates, are really cool stuff. Top theme, for top developers and designers. And let’s not forget on themeforest this wordpress theme¬† has over 90k sales and a 5 star rating. So, that means something, right?




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